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Friday Camping Fun Vid/How not to get eaten links

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Grizzly mom and 3 cubs–unusual says the hubs. Copyright 2012 WyoJones

I was about…twelve? Thirteen? when I realized that I don’t like to camp. I lost faith in my break up with camping after I got married to a guy who loves to camp. Turns out I loved the guy, not the camping, so my faith that I was ill suited to camping returned. Outhouses do that to me. And being outside at night, at the mercy of random, hungry critters. I still love the guy, but still a big no on the camping. But it took Jim Gaffigan to put into words what I knew deep down to be true. So, without further ado, here’s Jim Gaffigan on camping:

Point by point, there is no way to argue with him. He makes a great case and I promise you, I have no acting ability at all. I’d totally be bear grub. But, in the spirit of fairness, I thought I’d link to some sites that give tips for safely camping around bears (um, still don’t get why you’d want to but your mileage may vary):

Bear Safety Tips – They start out stating that bear attacks are extremely rare, but the thing is, if you getting munched on, stats just don’t matter, do they?

Tips for Safe Camping in Bear Country – They don’t bother to tell you bear attacks are rare. Instead, they suggest you look for signs of bears in your camp site. It is very good advice not to set up in a camp that is “attractive to bears.” Click through to find out what attracts bears (food) if you don’t know.

Camping and Hiking in Black Bear Country – Now notice they specify black bears. That’s because it’s a really bad idea to hike in grizzly bear country. Really bad. They start with facts about bears that would make me not want to camp anywhere near bears. If I liked to camp. Which I don’t.

Bear Aware: Tips for Camping in Bear Country – I find I can be bear aware without leaving my house, but your mileage may vary. This post offers a link to the Grizzly Outreach Project. Seriously? Outreach to grizzly bears? And when they bite your hand to feed…

Just saying…

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Here’s hoping your camping is bear-free and fun-filled! I’ll be at staying at home and perilously yours,


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