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Behind the #FlamingoWeatherReport

Flamingo Yard Art

“Snowy with a chance of spring…”

I can not take credit for the #flamingoweatherreport, at least not completely. I did start it, but Cara Bristol created the hashtag. But we have to go back further than the hashtag to where the story began. Well, we don’t have to go back to the 50’s, because that would be ridiculous. But we’ll start with the basic facts:

  1. I like flamingos
  2. I might have put them several places inside and outside of my house.

So, when I was browsing Amazon for zombie flamingos (don’t ask), I found a Santa-mingo set and thought, “Wow, the grandkids would love that!”

So, at light speed (this is Amazon we’re talking about), the Santa-mingo set arrived on my doorstop and I waited impatiently to replace the Thanksgiving flamingos (yes, I went there) with the Christmas set. It was pretty cute and pretty much the only holiday decoration that I put outside.

And then it started to snow.

And snow some more.

And then some more. And this happened:

snowdrift where flamingos are

Where, oh, where did my Santa-mingo go…

So the only Santa-mingo the grandkids saw was a picture on my phone (though they called it Flamingo Mountain for the whole of their visit). And in January, when the snow started to melt really…really…really slowly, I started posting pictures of the emerging Santa-mingo and his rein-mingos on Facebook and Instagram.

flamingos emerging from snowdrift

That’s his Santa hat and the tip of one antler you can see there.

They finally fully emerged from the snow and were rescued by me.

Flamingos not in snow drift

There they are!

So Cara called it my #flamingoweatherreport and it just stuck. So now, even though the flamingos are no longer stuck in the drift, I try to put one in the weather pictures I post. Of course, why I post weather pictures is because WYOMING. There’s a lot of weather. haha And it makes people with better weather feel happy. (The top picture was taken on Thursday of last week. The snow did not last the day and the temps climbed from 38 to 52 degrees on Saturday. And it is supposed to rain here today…in case you were wondering.)

As for that spot? Yeah, there are some flamingos there. haha


“We’re here so she will know when the wind blows. Because apparently the howling isn’t a clue.”

So now you know the whole story (or the parts that are mildly interesting about the story). There is another side effect from my posting. My friends are starting to feel their yards are seriously missing flamingo awesome. How about you? Are you feeling it yet?

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Perilously yours,


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