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Fitting in is Hard to Do

bound to you cover art

There’s something special about a man who has always struggled to fit in, and it gets even better when that man finds his family and his home. I always wondered what it would feel like to be someone with a special gift that set them apart. Then I decided that being “set apart” would probably be terrible. Your parents wouldn’t understand you, and it would be difficult to make friends only to have them leave you once they found out what you could do.

This is where the character of Jackson Baine comes in. Jacks is a special man, with a gift that allows him to do spectacular things. However, his relationship with his parents disintegrated when they found out what he could do, and he had an extremely difficult time connecting with anyone after that. It was only during his time at the Universal School for Intergalactic Learning that he met the man who would become his best friend. Together Jacks and Garrison gathered together a crew of men and women who became their family.

But, Jacks was still missing something. It makes me smile to think of petite, feisty Anatolia Bernardi. She is ice to Jacks’ fire. Her father has raised her to believe in complete control of oneself in all matters. Lia is convinced that climbing the corporate ladder will finally impress her father.

Together Jacks and Lia are two broken pieces of a very complicated puzzle. They are biochemically compatible, bonding them together in a way that is deeper than love and stronger than lust. This completeness is the reason that I just had to write Bound to You. Only a few of us are lucky enough in this life to find that person who really is our other half. I wanted my readers to be able to understand that feeling and to live that miracle through Jacks and Lia.

There is quite a bit of action in Bound to You. I couldn’t let Lia and Jacks come together that easily! There had to be obstacles and danger lurking around every corner so that when the time finally came to accept their love they would know without a doubt that they’d already weathered every possible storm together. It’s a bit terrible of me as an author, but I do get a kick out of making my characters work for love!

In the end the reason that I wrote Bound to You is simple. I’m a lover of Love. I like the feeling of falling in love and the nail-biting wondering if the characters will ever make it out alive. I wanted a special man with an extraordinary gift, who never felt like he belonged, to find his home in the arms of the woman who accepted him for who and what he was. No reservations, no caveats. That’s the point of Bound to You, and I hope readers love Jacks and Lia as much as I do.

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