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Favorite Fictional Character?

Edge of Never cover art

Join us…

Greta van der Rol and I seem to be pinging ideas off each other. She blogged about going home after I blogged about it (different take, but fun) and here I am pinging off her post about favorite characters.

I often get asked which is my favorite character or book. It’s a hard question, rather like asking you which is your favorite child. Thank goodness books and their characters can’t get offended. It’s still hard for me to pick just one.

There was my “first” character: Stan from The Spy Who Kissed Me. I still love her sense of humor and very understandable desire to NOT get mixed up in murder.

Another standout is Sara from The Key. She literally took over my brain for two or more months, telling me her story (one I never planned to write!)so I could write it down. It’s because of Sara that I have the Project Enterprise series.

And then there is Prudence Pinkerton from Specters in the Storm (included in the Edge of Never boxed set).

I wish I could explain where she came from. But I can’t. Like a lot of my characters, she appeared inside my head and gave me that Look that said she was a character in need of a story. I’m not sure she is entirely happy with the story I wrapped around her. And afflicted her with.

Like a lot. She pretty much gets hammered in this one.

But I liked the way she stood up to the challenges I presented her with. She has a sense of humor, which she totally needed. I also like her ability to forgive Ernest for being human and not perfect and the fact that she wasn’t there to get a guy. She leaped into the story—and into a corset—to save him.

Specters in the Storm will be available only in Edge of Never until the middle of January when the set will go off sale, never to be for sale again. Sometime after that I’ll release Specters all by itself, but that’s a long time to wait. It feels like a long time to wait until Oct 12, the official release day, to tell the truth. I’m really excited to find out what readers think of my quirky little steampunk adventure tale. (I hope. Haha)

So while you’re waiting to “meet” Prudence, I hope you’ll check out any of my characters you haven’t met yet. You can browse my back list here.

So? Characters? Do they ever feel like family or friends? Do you miss them when you reach “the end?” I love comments so much that I pick a favorite to receive my monthly AnaBanana gift basket ($25 value).  Recipient is announced the first blog post of the new month.

Perilously yours,


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