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Tuesday Bonus: An Excerpt from THE KEY

Project Enterprise Bundle

In the mood for an adventure? You don’t even have to leave home!

About the book and series:

Project Enterprise: an above-top-secret expedition to a distant galaxy. A mysterious place where lives – and hearts – are on the line.

US Air Force Ace Sara Donovan thought she left her past behind when she joined Project Enterprise. Instead, she found herself thrust into an alien war. Project Enterprise has encountered a war-torn solar system, and both sides in the conflict think the Human expedition holds the key to ultimate victory. And they will stop at nothing to claim that key.

Swept up In an alien war, Sara must figure out who she is and what she knows in a place where even her heart can’t be trusted. (The Key)

And here’s the bonus excerpt!

There was a look in her eyes that made him glad for the bars between them.

With a flicker of annoyance, he asked Gower, “How many men did she kill?”

She could not be as calm and cool as she looked.

“Eight, my leader.”

“Actually,” Sara said, “I think it was nine.” She wiggled her fingers, like she was counting. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was nine.”

Gower looked annoyed. “One of the men is injured, my leader, not dead.”

Sara frowned. “That’s embarrassing.”

Adin stepped closer to her cell. He made his voice cold and threatening. “It…amuses you to talk about killing my men?”

Sara’s brows arched. “Just taking…pride in my work.” Her gaze held his captive. “Not that I’m done. Hoping to get at least one more.”

“Insolence,” Gower muttered. “Shall I have her punished, my leader?”

Adin waved him to silence. She was bluffing, of course, but it was…exhilarating.

He looked at her for a long moment, considering his best approach.

“I am curious where you hid your ship? And how you managed to penetrate our security.” He waited a moment, not surprised she did not answer. “My men are searching and we will find it.”

This seemed to amuse her.

He studied her, starting with her face and then moving slowly down her body, remembering what her uniform hid, hoping to remind her of what was still between them.

“I am sure a gown was delivered for you?”

She blinked once. “It didn’t fit.”

He smiled. He should have expected this.

“Perhaps one of the women can adjust it for you?”

She turned and grabbed a bundle of fabric from the small table.

“They’ll need to mend it, too.” She held it up, letting the shredded remains of the gown drift down to the floor between them. “It tore.”

Gower gasped. Adin ignored him.

“Perhaps some of my men can help you change into a different gown, one that fits?”

Sara stared at him, her lips slowly curving in anticipation. There was a dangerous light in her eyes.

“Don’t be surprised if it ends up on one of them.”

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. You can read the first part of the The Key for FREE or grab the first two books in the series at a great, sale price!

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