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Dragon’s Eye? #HubsPhoto

Can you see it?

dragon's eye

Brimketill Panorama
Brimketill is a small, natural pool carved by marine erosion in the basalt at the shore of the Atlantic west of the town of Grindavík, Iceland. The name means tidal kettle in Icelandic and would seem a fitting geomorphic description of this type of marine erosional feature. On this visit, I was there at low tide and the waves were not crashing against the cliffs, and the water in this pool was low. It looked like an eye looking out of the craggy basalt. As usual in Iceland, there is some local folklore associated with this interesting feature. The stories center on a giantess named Oddný who took baths in the ponds and lived here.
Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

When I saw this photo, you know I had to share it! When I called it a dragon’s eye to the hubs, he went, “What?” He had to go look again and sure enough, it looked like a dragon’s eye. (He did see an eye!) Kind of funny, this thing about seeing with your eyes and someone else seeing with their eyes and you both seeing something different. And I tend to see dragons (and aliens haha) everywhere. 

What have you “seen” this week that gave you delight?

Perilously yours,


P.S. I only have one book with a dragon, and it’s a lizard, but a very cool one. THE REAL DRAGON was my first Pets in Space story and you can grab it here. 

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