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Don’t Be a Bear

Buffalo Bill Reservoir

The bear and I can both enjoy this, but not at the same time. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a blog post on reasons to BE a bear. The reasons were pretty good, but I still am glad I’m NOT a bear because:

  1. Don’t have to eat my friends (probably wouldn’t have friends, actually)

  2. I like my fish cooked.

  3. Prefer my honey without bugs…

  4. While the free “nap” might be okay, getting darted and tagged regularly would bite.

  5. Rather be IN the vehicle instead of getting slammed into by the vehicle.

  6. Bears don’t have internet.

  7. While I wouldn’t mind a nice long, uninterrupted sleep, I’d rather not sleep through winter. If I had to sleep through something it would be August. (I haven’t given up on August completely. Hoping for a better August up north, one minus the heat and humidity—though I always get older in August. Can’t dodge that.)

There are probably more good reasons to be glad I’m not a bear, but my thoughts sort of flowed into times when I’m a bear even when I’m not actually a bear. (That’s how my brain, um, rolls? Twitches? Spews out ideas?)

My husband could probably make the case of me being bearish on occasion. So I thought I’d wrap up this post (and start a new month of blogging!) by sharing a few tips (hopes?) on how not to be a bear:

  1. Be grateful

  2. Be forgiving

  3. Give yourself a timeout when you can’t be grateful or forgiving

  4. Remind yourself that no one is perfect – not even you – and that’s okay.

I know I’m grateful for the people in my life who are willing to forgive me for not being perfect—and letting me be a bear now and again. So I try to remember to return the favor. And I’m grateful to HAVE people in my life.

If I was a bear, I wouldn’t. 🙂

Okay, dear readers, have you been a bear recently? Are you glad you aren’t a bear—for real or in crabbiness? Is it politically incorrect to ascribe crabbiness to bears? (If so, then I’m glad bears aren’t on online because they’d probably try to eat me.)

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Perilously yours,


P.S. I don’t actually have bears in my books, though I sometimes have cranky people (actually, all my characters get cranky on occasion and I can’t really blame them. I put them through a lot.) Ernest might be the character who got hosed the most. I don’t know. They can’t vote. But he does go through a lot in Specters in the Storm. 

copyright by Pauline Baird Jones. All rights reserved.

copyright by Pauline Baird Jones. All rights reserved.

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