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Doc Was Definitely Bitter #GirlGoneNova

And I was afraid readers wouldn't like her!

alien planet and excerpt

I like stories about characters who are underestimated and characters who find they are stronger than they thought they were. So I was rather surprised when Delilah “Doc” Clementyne strode onto the Girl Gone Nova book stage in my head. 

Or maybe she stalked. Either way, the lady had a lot of power. And a lot of secrets. 

I wasn’t sure I liked her. 

I was really worried that readers wouldn’t like her. 

But she’s either readers’ favorite character or tied with Sara Donovan from The Key. 

And I almost didn’t write her. 

She’s managed to get some screen time in almost all my Project Enterprise books (Found Girl is set in a different galaxy, but one of the character’s wishes she were there. LOL)

So what is the appeal of the dangerous character? Doc is on the side of the angels, but that doesn’t make her an angel—quite the contrary. She’s a stealth human being (and boy, it was fun to make her that way). She lives in the shadows and does the impossible on a regular basis. 

I’ll admit it was kind of evil to put her in a situation where most of her mad skills were useless and there were no shadows to hide in. Check it out: 

Outside the light continued to fade, so it must be moving toward nightfall. She didn’t think ahead to how she’d deal with that. No sense borrowing trouble until it got here. The encampment looked more dispirited than before. It wasn’t fair. Sara Donovan got shot down and met a hunky alien who fell in love with her. Doc got yanked out of the sky and ended up in 2000 B.C. with three barbarian morons.

But she wasn’t bitter.

She looked around.

Okay, she was bitter.

The three barbarians were still huddled around the dwarves’ dinner table like they were waiting for her. The youngest showed some rather obvious signs of interest. It didn’t surprise her that the other guy had his body parts under better control. She’d been pretty emphatic with her knee when they first met.

Quick-draw Conan frowned. “Where is her robe?”

Doc wasn’t surprised they wanted to get her out of her clothes. They were guys.

Bana and Conan exchanged a look that lasted long enough to be interesting. There was a curious dynamic between her and Conan. He gave off “I’m in charge” vibes, and yet it appeared Bana could exert some control over him. Doc filed it away for further consideration as Bana pointed to a stool and indicated Doc should sit. Doc hesitated long enough to be annoying. When she complied, she was unable to suppress a wince of pain.

Conan snapped his fingers and the henchman with the blood flow problem hastily filled a crude mug with an amber liquid. He shoved it toward her, some of the fluid sloshing onto the table. The wood smoked where the fluid hit it.

Conan mimed drinking. “It will help with the pain.”

She wrapped her hands around the cup, noting the intent way they all watched her. With a flair for the dramatic she didn’t realize she had, she waited a five count, then pushed it away.

Conan pushed it back. “Drink.”

The rest of them gave her encouraging nods. Why didn’t they just say, “Please drink our booze and get mindlessly drunk. When you sober up, you’ll be the girl half of a boy-girl combo, living in a tent, and stirring a pot filled with my dinner.” It would have been more subtle.

* * * *

One of the things that I loved—and surprised me—about Doc was how danger just made her wittier.

“I’m Eamon.”

The gabby one pointed to his chest, just in case she didn’t realize he was talking about himself. It was a pretty good chest, but she didn’t want to take it home with her. Or live in a tent with it.

“I’m Cadir,” the horny one said, defiant for reasons that weren’t clear. Her gaze shifted between the two men. They could have been brothers, probably were. Maybe age mattered, too. Eamon got first dibs?

Cadir was grimy cute, but also not enough to tempt. They were both young enough to qualify her as a Cougar. While it was always good to have a goal, getting it on with younger men had never been one of hers and adding it to her to-do list seemed contraindicated under the circumstances. She couldn’t decide if Conan was closer to her age or not. The dirt hid a lot, as did the pissy expression, and he had the added air of command clouding the issue. It also wasn’t clear if he were a contender for her hand or an enabler for his henchmen.

Doc stared straight ahead for a few seconds and then blinked. She didn’t yawn, but it was implied. All three looked annoyed. Nice when cause was followed so closely on effect.

Conan huffed as he rose, staring down at Doc. He had imposing down pat, but at least he wasn’t touching her anymore.

“Make her understand.”

Doc could feel Bana mull over whether to out her or not, like there was a question about which side she was on.

Only the guys were surprised when Bana said, “She understands.”

“If she understands, why doesn’t she speak?”

Bana met her cool look and upped the ante. “Do you wish to tell them or should I?”

Doc waited a ten count, shrugged. “You’re doing so well.”

Conan puffed up, like an angry cat, but without the cute factor. He was more like a sabertooth tiger, but Doc didn’t know if they puffed up. That was the problem with using an extinct species in an analogy, not enough information to be sure it was apt.

“Why would you do this?”

Doc gave him a cool look. Her tone was flat, indifferent. “You shot me.”

He crossed his arms over a chest Doc had to concede was nicely put together. “I stunned you.”

“By shooting me.”

* * * *

I feel like Doc made Girl Gone Nova happen by talking me through it. The words, the wit and the ability to kick trash came from her,  not me. I loved spending time with her, even though she scared me sometimes, too. Lol And I’m glad she’s sticking around for the other books, chipping in, helping out and yes—still kicking trash. 

If you haven’t read Girl Gone Nova yet, you can find out more here. If you have read it, is Doc your favorite character or are you still on Team Sara?

Perilously yours,


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