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My brain wanted to soar....

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Core Punch came about when two interests collided inside my head. I’d finished my Project Enterprise series and had been working on my romantic suspense Big Uneasy series. So my brain was cruising through the mystery zone, but doing a bit of gazing longingly at the stars. It liked the high adventure of space opera.

I will freely admit that the idea of creating a whole new alien world was overwhelming for where I was in my real life. As noted in the title of this blog: Life Happens. And it has been happening a lot the past year.

But my brain wanted to soar. Then a friend mentioned that noir science fiction romance would be fun.

Only I’m not very noir.

But still, the idea of mixing some mystery into my science fiction romance caught my attention. What if I could…mash together my longings and my research?

What if….

Those two words are the “Big Bang” for an author, the starting point of the creation process.

What if I took a little bit from Project Enterprise and a little something from The Big Uneasy and created something…something…something like…An Uneasy Future?

header for an Uneasy Future series

I can’t tell you how much fun it was brainstorming with my son (and space battle specialist turned storm a** kicking specialist) about what New Orleans would be like in the future. One thing we both agreed on. Future New Orleans would be as charmingly dysfunctional as present-day New Orleans. Once I’d turned the familiar into the unfamiliar-familiar, I turned my attention to my characters.

It was a no-brainer to tap into my law-abiding Bakers for my heroine, Vi. But my alien Joe, well, he has secrets—lots of secrets—so his history will unfold as the series develops.

One of the biggest challenges a writer faces is where to begin—and in whose head. I struggled and wrestled with Core Punch until I realized that the story wasn’t meant to start with Vi. To introduce the unfamiliar-familiar, future New Orleans to my readers, I needed to start with the alien who wasn’t familiar with any of it.

Once I moved into his head, the story just flowed out. Score!

If you’re familiar with my books, you know that they tend to be long. Sometimes really long. So you might notice the Core Punch is not that long. It might be called somewhat short, depending on what you’re used to reading. I did that by choice. I wanted it to feel a bit episodic, like a mystery television show.

And yes, there will be more, much more. I’m having way too much fun thinking of up ways to make Vi and Joe’s lives difficult. It’s very cathartic when Life Happens. Which it does. A lot.

So how do you handle Life Happening? Have any special ways to cope? Please share!

Perilously yours,


“I love New Orleans, and the descriptions are so vivid – only someone who knows and loves the place can get that great atmospheric detail! And the futuristic city is amazing!” Amazon reviewer

cover art

You can buy Core Punch right now in digital and at your favorite online bookseller!

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