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Did You Know Bras Were Such Divas?

The Good Witch

A friend told me that, in addition to getting fitted for a new bra, she also got some “care of bra” counsel from the sales person. What she told me made my eyes bug out. Of course I did a Google search and holy cow.

I’ve lived a LONG time and I will freely confess, I had no clue bras were such divas.

Since I donned my first waaaay back when, I thought my bra was my partner, my ally against the evils of gravity. (I can do nothing about the family jowls. They are out there where everyone can see them and gravity has free rein.) But I expected my bra to not let me, er, down.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew they weren’t invincible. I knew they required “special” care.

Things I did know:

•    Hand wash
•    Hang dry

Yeah, that is pretty much it. Oh, and if you wait too long to replace them it can get pretty humiliating in the fitting room.

•    Bras have an expiration date. They only last a meagre NINE months.
•    Don’t wear the same bra every day. This makes them feel stretched and stressed.
•    Don’t wash them too much (blink, blink. What?)
•    Don’t fold them. They like to be stored like they are worn
•    When you travel, pack the cups so they don’t get smashed.
•    Do the same when you stow them in your drawers. You know, your dresser drawers, not your drawer drawers.

Divas, right? And the price of these princesses? Yeah, another wow. Of course, the problem is, once you try a decent one it is hard to go back to bra slumming. And if you don’t want things heading too far south you gotta pony up for a diva. Because they do deliver the support. They b*tch slap gravity. Until they expire and, er, let you down.

So, did you know bras were such divas? Is it sad I didn’t know? Are you shocked? Resigned? Have any tips for care of your divas? While you think, I will try to forget there is someone called “the bra whisperer” out there. Comments are entered into my monthly drawing for an AnaBanana gift basket (worth $50 this month in honor of NaBloPoMo). Winner will be announced in the first blog post of December. 🙂

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When Pauline isn’t angsting over her diva foundation garments, she writes novels featuring heroines in awesome, fictional foundation garments (just joking. Fictional characters are not as subject to the cruelties of gravity). She’s written 13 novels and some short stories. She is currently at work on #14. For more information, hop on over to her website.

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