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...rocks, rolls, and rules Christmas for SciFi fans.

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Two stories! Two gifts! Open to read the offbeat and heartwarming “Up on the House Top, and the evocative and haunting, ”Riding for Christmas.”

Will her Christmas be ho, ho, ho? Or oh no, no, no?

Gini knew Christmas in Wyoming would be challenging as she headed over the frozen crick and through the woods to the family cabin. The lights are going out in her mom’s attic, the guy who broke her heart is on the porch…and there are aliens on the roof.

According to her mom, it’s going to be the best Christmas ever.

And then dive into a mesmerizing tale of interstellar time travel and romance!

Jane MacKenzie, visiting her grandfather’s abandoned ranch, discovers something in the snow. When she opens the ribbon-wrapped box, it mysteriously returns Sam Harrington, who “disappeared” in an 1885 blizzard.

There’s nothing alien in this enduring tale of holiday homecomings and the hope of love that lasts a lifetime.

Open “Open with Care” now! Because it’s never too late for the right gift.

“Genie Davis’ Riding for Christmas takes a story of aliens and time travel and romance and throws it all in a blender and makes a truly engrossing storyline.” Amazon Reviewer

“Up on the Housetop rocks, rolls, and rules Christmas for SciFi fans…I could not put this story down. 5 bright shiny stars!” Amazon Reviewer

“These two stories have a Christmas, alien encounter, fun love story – what’s not to love?” Amazon Reviewer

“I can’t give you details as there would be spoilers but it was the funniest take on a Christmas story that I’ve read in a long time.” Amazon Reviewer

“Suffice it to say that Jones pulls off her enchanting story with a total flair that left me smiling, and yes, once again, in the Christmas spirit.” Amazon reviewer about “Up on the House Top” in Open With Care

“True to my expectations, the novella left me feeling terrific. All I wanted to do was to curl up in the living room with only the sparkling Christmas tree lights turned on and my daydreams for company.” Amazon Reviewer about “Riding for Christmas” in Open with Care

“I am delighted that the two authors decided to collaborate on this project.” Amazon Reviewer

“Christmas stories with aliens. What a cool idea. Fun to read. Two wonderful stories by two excellent authors. Check this one out.” Amazon Reviewer

“Up on the House Top is as magical as its counterpart in the anthology. With the magic comes a healthy dose of family togetherness, quirkiness, and Christmas spirit.” Amazon Reviewer

“I found Riding for Christmas to be magical.” Amazon Reviewer

“I really can’t tell you more. Except to say they are the gifts are miraculous!” Amazon Reviewer