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Do you need some more amazing romantic suspense from USA Today Bestselling author, Pauline Baird Jones?

Dive into the cyber world with “Byte Me,” the next standalone installment in Pauline Baird Jones’ captivating Lonesome Lawmen series. This enthralling suspense mystery, laced with a touch of humor, combines the thrill of a virtual manhunt with an under-fire romance, perfect for fans of tech thrillers, unusual characters, and love stories that brave the odds.

Phoebe Mentel, a proficient hacker driven by revenge, is on a digital crusade. She’s determined to bring the man who took her sister’s life to justice, undeterred by his wealth and influence. Alongside her band of vigilante hackers, they follow the virtual trail of the murderer, only to find they’re not the only ones on the hunt…

US Deputy Marshal Jake Kirby regrets trusting his intuition that led him to Phoebe’s Colorado country western bar. He finds himself drawn to the captivating hacker, despite her quest for vengeance. But even as he’s charmed by the woman of his dreams, Jake is duty-bound to enforce the law…

As Phoebe and Jake negotiate an uneasy alliance, the murderer they’re tracking is ready to break all rules to maintain his freedom…

“Byte Me” promises a thrilling journey through the realms of cyber justice, intriguing characters, and a romance that blossoms amidst danger. It’s a must-read for fans of suspense-filled mysteries, tech-centric thrillers, and unconventional love stories.

Discover the mastery of Pauline Baird Jones’ storytelling. Purchase “Byte Me” today and unravel a virtual mystery that’s sure to keep you hooked!

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