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Behind the Book: Kicking Ashe: Project Enterprise 5

The (mostly) true story behind the writing

In the run-up to the release of a new Project Enterprise book, I’m featuring my “Behind the Book” interviews here on the blog on Fridays. I hope you’re enjoying the look behind the curtain of the various books. First, a bit about the book: 

He’s an alien warrior. She fights for time. Can their love hold together a galaxy on the verge of collapse?

Time Agent Ashe fixes temporal emergencies for a living. But when she gets kicked through a time vortex onto an alien planet, she finds herself on the other side of a search and rescue. At her crash site, she finds a wary ally in a warrior with a magnetic energy that tugs on her heartstrings… and the very fabric of history.

Vidor Shan has lost track of time while searching for his missing brother. When a mysterious woman crash-lands into his life, he finds himself wishing for what he can’t have. On a quest to find his brother, Shan can’t afford any distractions, not even those of a beautiful woman. But when time and gravity begins to destabilize in his wake, he realizes only the beautiful Ashe has the power to ground him. 

Deep in strange and deadly territory, the unlikely pair must wrestle control from unseen forces toying with Shan’s timeline to claim their happily ever after.

Kicking Ashe is the fifth standalone book in the enthralling Project Enterprise sci-fi romance series. If you like fast-paced action, snarky sidekicks, and pulse-pounding sexual tension, then you’ll love Pauline Baird Jones’ high-spirited adventure. 

Buy Kicking Ashe to jump through the vortex for a sexy alien encounter today!

Okay, this is the part where I interview myself, so let’s dive in and see what I can pull out of me about Kicking Ashe. 

Me: So let’s pull the curtain back on Kicking Ashe. When you started writing this book, what did you think?

Myself: I thought I was finishing up my series. I’d written three BABS (big a** books), a novella and a couple of short stories. I thought this would end it and I’d move on to something else. 

Me: Did that make it easier or harder?

Myself: Harder for sure. I’d kind of written myself into a corner with the ending of Steamrolled (thinking I was being so clever and NOT writing myself into a corner. Haha) That’s plots and characters for you. They lure you into the box, then slam down the lid. 

Me: Um, that two metaphors in one answer. 

Myself: I can do that in an interview. 

Me: Fine. So, in your corner, in your box, what problems did you encounter?

Myself: Well, there was Vidor Shan. He’d been a sort of bad guy in Girl Gone Nova and made an appearance in Steamrolled.  He about drove Doc crazy and frankly, he annoyed me a lot, too. Then there was Ashe. She indicated an interest in Shan and, man, it was hard to get them together. 

Me: And Time wasn’t helping at all…

Myself: Time was cranky and Lurch, that nanite has a LOT of secrets. 

Me: Speaking of Lurch, he shows up in another book, doesn’t he?

Myself: Core Punch and Sucker Punch, the series I thought I’d be working on. Lol Then I started getting requests for new Project Enterprise books, so I thought, well, I do mention there are other ships out there…

Me: So Found Girl happened and #7 will release this summer. When are you planning to do your reveal on #7?

Myself: I’m planning on that for sometime in May, when I’m sure I’m on track with my editing—and before you ask—yes, I have a completed draft. Editing is happening now.

Me: There’s something fun about #7, something you hope readers will like?

Myself: #7 takes the story back to the original galaxy and has lots of cameos from previous characters (while introducing a new hero and heroine). I’ve been having a lot of fun writing #7.

Me: ahem, WE have been having a lot of fun.

Myself: Fun, WE have been having fun (though not having quite as much at this moment).

Me: I think we need to wrap this up before the whining begins. Tell the nice people goodbye.

Myself: Thanks for stopping by for the whine-one-one, I mean the interview. I hope you learned a bit about Kicking Ashe and not as much about me. Lol

Perilously yours,


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