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Behind the Book: Beaucoup Fracas

The (mostly) true story behind the writing of the book.

Jan 17 Behind the book Pauline Baird Jones

I have a tradition that I started a long time ago. What is this tradition? 

I interview myself about what happened behind the scenes while writing a book.

It’s a bit like an extra video accompanying a movie.

Only it’s not video. 

And there isn’t a movie.

Though I wish there was!

I think my Big Uneasy series would make a great series. 

But I digress.

I’m supposed to be interviewing myself about our book.

But first, let’s look at the blurb for Beaucoup Fracas:

Beaucoup Fracas Big Uneasy Pauline Baird JonesShe doesn’t want to be there. He doesn’t either.

Private investigator, Gideon Baker, is on the trail of a missing husband. A tip about the man’s car sends him to the Savoie Salvage yard in steamy southern Louisiana, but the owner is dead and his daughter, Jessica, is trying to sort out the mess her father left behind. 

Jessica would rather be anywhere than dealing with the debris left behind by the father she never met. His salvage—aka junkyard is giving her daddy issues and heat rash. Oh, and there is that a dead body.

Gideon and Jessica strike sparks—the good kind—as they find themselves following a trail of murder, betrayal, and classic cars. 

Can they survive the heat and the gunshots long enough to fall in love? 

Cozy up with Beaucoup Fracas, the sixth installment in the popular Big Uneasy series!

So Beaucoup Fracas is what we’ll be talking about today!

Me: I know you really wanted to release this book before 2021 ended and you did it despite a strong, year-long headwind. Can you tell us a little about that?

Myself: In our Real Life, we did have a heck of a year, and this is the year after 2020. Lol The hubs had some persistent health problems that kept yanking me back just as I’d get some momentum going. So my first project of 2021 (Cosmic Boom) took longer than planned. And when I finished Cosmic Boom, traces of it lingered in my brain, getting in the way of a Big Uneasy project.

Me: How did you solve it? 

Myself: I decided to write two books at once. 

Me: That was a little crazy.

Myself: It worked. I made progress on two projects for a couple of months, then was able to backburner the other one to finish Beaucoup Fracas.

Me: You did. So, there is another thing that has made this book personal?

Myself: The main character is named after my daughter, Jessica. I did ask her permission, because I also used a couple of her youthful trials in the book.

Me: Something about her name—let’s pause for a quick snippet to explain (if this were a movie it would be a clip from the movie. Sadly it is a text clip):

“Jennifer Savoie?” The voice of yet another customer in search of a random auto part repeated. “Are you there, Jennifer?”

“Jessica,” she snapped. “The name is Jessica Savoie.”

“Oh,” the man said doubtfully. “Are you sure?”

“Am I sure I know my own name?”

Me: This really used to happen to your daughter, right?

Myself: To the point of insanity. I went into to complain to her principle about something (he was a jerk about it and I may have lost my temper) and I said, “She’s been a student here for six years and yo people can’t even get her name right!” And he said, “Who doesn’t know Jennifer’s name?”

I almost went across the desk for his throat. Through gritted teeth I said, “Her name is Jessica.” He was afraid of me after that. I think he quit calling her anything. Lol 

Me: So there is a bit of carathsis in this story?

Myself: Something like that. (Laughs) 

Me: Well, Jessica doesn’t get what I’d call closure in this book.

Myself: No, the father she never met has died and now she has to deal with his financial affairs.

Me: That’s a nice way to frame “junkyard.” 

Myself (I admit with some guilt): Jessica wasn’t too thrilled. Let’s face it, for a girl, dreaming about a missing father, her dreams never includes the hope he’ll own his own junkyard. 

[Moment of silent agreement]

Me: You also did a special request in this book, did you not?

Myself: I did. I have a fan who loves peanut butter and jelly—as do I.

Me: How could you not when your initials are PBJ?

Myself: Exactly. Well, he requested some wise guys for the new book. I’m hoping he likes how I delivered on that promise, because I gave it a spin. 

Me: It was a gutsy move, giving a wise anything a spin. 

Myself: I don’t think this one liked it much, but you show up in one of my books, there will be a lot you don’t like. 

Me: True! Well, is there anything you’d like to add before we shut this down?

Myself: Just that I hope readers will enjoy Beaucoup Fracas as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Me: Ditto!

Well, that’s a wrap! I also hope you enjoyed the interview and learned something new. If you haven’t read it yet, grab your copy here. (And if you’ve already read the book, I hope you’ll leave a review! 

Perilously yours,


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