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Because, Well, Because…

colorful cactus

This image has nothing to do with today’s post. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

So, February is almost over, I caught a cold/flu thing at the end of the month and have been head down writing, so not a lot of words left for a blog post. lol


So I thought I would do a roundup kind of post today, instead of inflicting a bad attempt at blogging on you. I actually started blogging some time before I moved my blog to Word Press. This blog has posts going back to 2010 and says I’ve published 875 blog posts. Lest you be too impressed, I’ve had a lot of guests stop by during that time (thank goodness!), guest posts that gradually morphed into my “why I wrote” series that shows up on Wednesdays (when I can rope in authors).

So here are some older blog posts that you might not have seen if you haven’t been hanging around that long:

Closed Doors – I don’t know if it’s true, but it feels like my bedroom door was always open at night when I was little. I think it started so I could make a fast, unobstructed dash to my parent’s bedroom when the monsters crawled out of the closet or out from under the bed.

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Open Doors – Last blog, I talked about the closed doors in my life. Or the doors that were starting to close. The nice thing about getting older, is that I have a better sense of which open doors I want to explore. When I was younger, the open doors seem to go on forever. It can almost make you a schizo, trying to see it all, try a few here and there. Now that I’m older and slower, I take time with the open doors. I go in and look around, maybe rearrange a few things.

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I Want Orbit City – Some time ago, I was attending a science fiction convention and I wandered into a panel supposedly discussing homes of the future. I know better than to have expectations, well, usually I know better, but it didn’t seem unreasonable to expect a panel on future homes to be about future homes, like Orbit City where the The Jetsons lived.

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My Fiction is Totally Made Up – I’ve been doing some SEO (search engine optimizing) on my website and in the process ran across a review of The Key. It wasn’t a bad review, but the review commented that my science fiction wasn’t just soft, it was squishy. All I can say in response is, “Heck yeah.”

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So I hope you enjoyed the look back (trust me, this was better than my brain on a cold). Had you seen these posts before? What did you think? (Loaded question from the author whose brain is currently offline. Haha)

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