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Beaucoup Fracas Has Arrived!

The sixth installment in the Big Uneasy Series!

Beaucoup Fracas Pauline Baird Jones 2

I’m so excited! I wasn’t sure I’d make it before the end of the year but it’s here! (It’s not live at the vendors yet, but it should be soon!)

Here’s the blurb:

She doesn’t want to be there. He doesn’t either.

Private investigator, Gideon Baker, is on the trail of a missing husband. A tip about the man’s car sends him to the Savoie Salvage yard in steamy southern Louisiana, but the owner is dead and his daughter, Jessica, is trying to sort out the mess her father left behind. 

Jessica would rather be anywhere than dealing with the debris left behind by the father she never met. His salvage—aka junkyard is giving her daddy issues and heat rash. Oh, and there is that a dead body.

Gideon and Jessica strike sparks—the good kind—as they find themselves following a trail of murder, betrayal, and classic cars. 

Can they survive the heat and the gunshots long enough to fall in love? 

Cozy up with Beaucoup Fracas, the sixth installment in the popular Big Uneasy series!

And here’s an excerpt for you all!

“Right.” The male voice still sounded doubtful. “Well, Jenn—Jessica—“ 

He said Jessica like it was a foreign name, not the most common name given to girl children in 1985. He wasn’t the only one to get it wrong. Over and over again. 

She’d gone through junior high, then high school being called Jennifer by her principle and most of her teachers. Her classmates had made jokes about how many Jennifers were graduating. And yes, her diploma had had to be corrected.  

Her invite to the class reunion had been addressed to Jennifer, too. Everyone asked about her. She’d been way more popular than Jessica. 

But she wasn’t bitter. Nope. Not bitter at all. 

And if life wasn’t fun enough, Jennifer and Jessica both got notices that the father they never met had died and left her/them his junkyard. 

She was confused. The lawyer was confused. Clearly, her father had been confused. Or clueless.

Her mom didn’t want to talk about it.


This was such a fun book to write. It kept surprising me again and again! And it’s a blush-free book!

It’s not available in paperback yet, but that will be coming, too. In the meantime, dive into a new Baker family adventure!

Perilously yours,


Blush Free Books Pauline Baird Jones
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