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Here Be a Dragon —Bearded, Of Course

bearded dragon

“What are you looking at? No, do not look under my tail…”

Happy Halloween!

So, I mentioned last week that I wrote a series of guest blog posts for the Pets in Space release. This one seemed like a good one to share on Halloween, because if you can’t produce a ghoul or a ghost, then go with a dragon, right?

And if you’re looking for a great costume for your bearded dragon (well, for next year…), look at this.

So here is Here Be a Dragon

When I first pondered what pet would own Emma in “The Real Dragon,” my story in the Pets in Space anthology, I had a flamingo in mind. I was born in the ’50s and have apparently gone back there (according to the hubs). Flamingos are popping up all over my house and on some of my promo materials.

But the nature of flamingos is to gather in herds and I would feel bad if I took one from its herd. Of course not taking one means I’d have to work a bunch of flamingos into a short story…

Head explodes

So I started looking around for an unusual pet to kickstart my Muse.

And found the bearded dragon.

It turns out that bearded dragons, in addition to their cool factor, are nice pets to own. They don’t breathe fire. Or fly around. They are affectionate and fairly easy to care for (if you don’t mind buying bugs, which I kind of do mind).

There are lots of interesting facts about bearded dragons, but I’ll try to stick with just five since this is a blog post, not a book:

To find out the five fabulous (or at least interesting) facts about bearded dragons, click here, then come back and tell me if you looked. Read the post and you’ll know what I mean!

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