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Bat Crap Crazy Fiction Because 2020

“Dead bodies aren’t exactly emergencies.” (At least not the frozen ones...)

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So, 2020 is almost over. There is no question its been a bat crap crazy year. So it seemed fitting for my almost-last-blog of 2020 should be about crazy—as in Do Wah Diddy Die was my craziest book ever. And I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that. Lol

What is Do Wah Diddy Die about?

A free spirit in search of answers. A by-the-book detective. It’s hard to stay alive in The Big Easy…

Free-spirited Luci Seymour has returned home for a rare occasion in her family – a wedding. While the Seymours don’t believe in love or marriage, they do believe in secrets. Luci thinks the wedding may be her last chance to uncover the true identity of her father, but her crazy aunts are sworn to secrecy…

Mickey Ross is predictable to a fault. The New Orleans detective arrives with time to spare to pick up his soon-to-be in-law from the airport. What he didn’t plan for was the barrage of bullets waiting for his alluring passenger…

Before he knows it, Luci has entangled Mickey in a race against time to track down the gunmen. The duo realizes the attack may have something to do with Luci’s hidden past. But finding out the truth could get them both killed…

Do Wah Diddy Die is a sexy, entertaining suspense novel. If you like shocking mysteries, eccentric casts of characters, and the vibrant streets of New Orleans, then you’ll love Pauline Baird Jones’ tale of murder and mayhem on the bayou. 

Buy Do Wah Diddy Die today for fast-paced fun in The Big Easy! 

And now on to the crazy excerpt (haha): 

“Shouldn’t we call in the Crime Lab and the Coroner’s office?” Delaney asked Mickey across the top of the car. 

“You heard what she said about fiction and reality, Delaney. What if she’s mixed too much fiction with her reality?” 

Delaney’s face was a study in the journey to enlightenment and then to horror as he processed this.

“Right. We wait.” He pulled open his door and squeezed in, no car being wholly capable of accommodating his bulk.

Mickey grinned and slid behind the wheel. The grin faded as he watched Luci. In the back seat, she straightened her body and dress, removed the floppy hat and fluffed her hair back up. She settled in, dead center, her hands folded in her lap like a Vanderbilt in a limousine. Her pose settled, she looked around her with something less than enthusiasm.

Mickey felt his hackles rise again, but couldn’t seem to help it. He didn’t want to ask, didn’t want to turn and look at her when he did, but couldn’t help that either.


“Is this a real police car?” 

He opened his mouth but closed it when he realized he didn’t have an answer. He turned around and started the car, leaving the field of battle to Delaney. He’d wanted to meet Luci. Here was his chance. Mickey put the official light on the dash and used it just long enough to force their way into traffic. 

Delaney propped an elbow on the seat and said to Luci, “It’s unmarked for undercover work.”

“I see.” Luci nodded wisely. “No siren?” 

“Sorry.” Delaney looked almost guilty. “Dead bodies aren’t exactly emergencies.”

Luci smiled, her face partially framed by the rear view mirror. “Certainly not a frozen one.”

“Frozen?” Mickey’s question was a quick echo of Delaney’s. Like Delaney, he looked at her, though his look was, of necessity, very brief, because of the swerve the front wheels made, followed quickly by the honk from the car behind him. 

“I said he was a stiff,” Luci reminded them, as she quickly hunted up the seat belt and secured it. “What did you think I meant?”

This is just a taste of the crazy Luci dishes on poor Mickey. I won’t lie to you about that. I recently got a review that said: “I was so confused when I started reading this. But I was laughing through it, so I figured, why not keep reading. Maybe it’ll make sense eventually. And I was right! Confusion was intentional. Those Seymour woman were twitch inducing when anyone tried to understand them. Absolutely hilarious!”

What do you think? Crazy enough for 2020? Grab Do Wah Diddy Die here is you want some fictional crazy instead of the real thing!

Perilously yours,


P.S. Since this is also an early book of mine, you can imagine my delight when reviewers and readers continued to give me nice reviews:

“A most excellent experience!” Jill Smith, Romantic Times; 4 Stars.

“I could hardly bear to put this book down for anything.” Five thumbs up from Kathy Boswell, Kathy’s Faves and Raves

“Once again, Pauline Jones has managed to write a book that rivals anything other comedy writers have put out there for the discerning reader. Ms. Jones’ tongue-in-cheek writing style will appeal to anybody, with or without a sense of humor. I spent half my time roaring with laughter and the other half enthralled with the mystery of ‘whodunit’.” Patricia Rouse, Romantic Times Columnist

“Once again, Pauline Jones has managed to write a book that rivals anything other comedy writers have put out there for the discerning reader. Ms. Jones’ tongue-in-cheek writing style will appeal to anybody, with or without a sense of humor. I spent half my time roaring with laughter and the other half enthralled with the mystery of ‘whodunit’. This book is a must read of the highest caliber for anyone who just loves a great book, a good laugh and a fantastic story.” Ariana Overton for Midnight Scribe, Murder List, WordWeaving, Tracy’s Book Reviews, and Sharpwriter

“I could hardly bear to put this book down for anything. I kept wading through dead bodies to discover the tie in and get this mystery all figured out. I look forward to more hilarious reading from Pauline Baird Jones.” Five thumbs up from Kathy Boswell Kathy’s Faves and Raves

“Pauline Baird Jones has definitely carved a niche for herself in the category of romantic comedy, with talent that rivals the best and a sense of humor that is sure to leave readers breathless with laughter. If you love romantic comedy and haven’t had a chance to read DO WAH DIDDY . . . DIE, you don’t know what you’re missing. This one is a must read!” Reviewer’s Choice Award from Scribes World

“If you have ever read Pauline Jones’ work, I won’t need to say anything more than “she’s raised the bar once again.” Beyond good, excellent, and all the rest of my store of superlatives, DO WAH DIDDY…DIE had me recommending it to all my email friends before I had read more than ten pages. After reading it, I’m sure you will know (and plan to attend) the movie. The production of this delightful romantic suspense starts this summer.” Four crescents from Patricia White, Crescent Blues

“DO WAH DIDDY . . . DIE was a refreshing read as well as being a delightful twist in the realm of romantic fiction.” Pam, Tullos of Romance Reader on the Run

“This reviewer wonders if there is a ghost of a chance there will be a sequel featuring the Seymour family. If there is, I’m getting it.” Reviewed for Tracy’s Book Reviews by: Shirley Truax

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