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Have You Heard of #AuthorTag?

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Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

I honestly don’t remember how I old I was when that switch clicked in my head and I went from laboring through books to inhaling them. I became a reader when you could do two things for the authors that delighted you with their stories:

  1. You could keep reading their books (and if you had actual money, buy them – hey, I was pretty young. It took me a while to save up that .75 for a new book!)
  2. You tell a friend about your favorite books. This is called “word-of-mouth” and is still the most powerful way for people discover books.

With social media, your reach, the number of people you can potentially share with, has expanded dramatically. And so have the number of books you can potentially talk about.

Frankly, it’s pretty crazy out there. So this awesome blogger, Cate Russel-Cole, came up with this idea for spreading the word called #AuthorTag. I heard about it when she tagged me, which was pretty awesome, I must say.

author tag graphci

I feel a bit uncomfortable blowing my own horn (I’m from Wyoming where we barely tap it), so I thought I’d boost the idea and three authors in my book blog today. I’ll call this my “why not read” meme, for wont of something better. (Look at that. I used “wont” in a sentence.)

Since it’s February, I’m picking three romance authors and since I’m me and I love space opera, yeah, going with science fiction romance. Cuz I can. If you read my blog, then you know these names (though Laurie is new to publishing, so she could especially use the signal boost). I hope you’ll click through to their websites and follow them on social media, too. Besides buying one of their books, another way to help them is share something they post on their wall, or retweet them on Twitter. And best of all, recommend them to someone you think might like their books.

Veronica ScottVeronica Scott is not only a great author of adventurous and romantic space opera, she writes a column for USA Today’s Happy Ever After.

Australian author, Greta Van der Rol, also writes fun and exciting space opera and she posts wonderful photos to Facebook. Kuralon Resue cover art

Laurie A. Green just released her first novella, a prequel to her Inherit the Stars series. The first part of that releases the 22nd of Feb. Laurie also founded the SFR Brigade and is a contributor to the Spacefreighters Lounge.

cover art for Farewell Andromeda

If you already love and read SFR and want to keep up with who is releasing what in SFR indie fiction, check out the SFR Station or The Galaxy Express blog. And when you’re tweeting about a book you love, add the #AuthorTag hashtag for some extra signal boost!

So please share some book love in the comments today. Have you read any of these authors? Want to get the word out on a book or author you’ve just discovered? You know I love comments so much that I pick a favorite to receive my monthly AnaBanana gift basket ($25 value).  Recipient is announced the first blog post of the new month.

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Perilously yours,


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