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#AugustAudio Fun!

I usually dread August with, well, I won’t say passion, because that takes too much energy, and one does NOT want to ramp the energy output in the heat. That just makes you hotter and it’s already August Hot. Yes, there is such a thing as August Hot. Not matter how hot it is in July, August will be hotter. It’s like August’s thing.

When it gets this hot, it’s even too hot to turn the pages of a great book, so I’m joining with some authors for some #AugustAudio fun. We’re all giving away audio books!

So here’s the deal. Mine are Audible codes and I think you need an US account to use them, but I’ll be handing out seven audio books a week until August ends (or August ends me). I’ll post which audio book on Saturday and announce the winners the following Friday. This week I’ll be offering seven download codes to Out of Time, which was one of my favorite books to write.

One reviewer wrote: “…the story is magical, romantic, and funny.” I loved that review because that’s what it felt like to write it. You can listen to the audio sample here.

Out of Time cover art

What happens when a twenty-first century woman on a mission to change the past meets a thoroughly 1940s man trying to stay alive in the hellish skies over war-torn Europe?

Tell me why you’d like to listen to it in the comments for your chance to get a copy. There are some other authors joining in, so watch my Twitter feed and the hashtag #AugustAudio to find more great audio books. And be sure to check back on Friday!

Perilously yours,


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