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Are You Building Bridges?

When I think about olden day bridges, it is kind of amazing.

Nov 21 Thomas Fuller Pauline Baird Jones Blog


As I was mulling this post, of course the first thing that came to my mind was The Bridges of Madison County. I’m happy to say I never read the book or saw the movie. I did see the Doonesbury version (The Washed Out Bridges of Madison County) in our newspaper. It was pretty funny.

When I think about olden day bridges, it is kind of amazing. People needed to get across something, so they figured out how to do it. Then they did it. And they did it using available materials. 

We think we’re so smart and so modern and we have “everything” figured out, but when you look at what people used to accomplish—those people probably just look down and shake their heads at us.

Bridges also make powerful symbols. If you think about it, in our dealings with those around us we are either building bridges. Or destroying them. 

We strengthen the bonds. Or we weaken them. 

Sometimes we smash them through selfishness or impatience. Sometimes we dismantle them because we’ve been hurt. We do it to protect ourselves.

I can still remember the first time I heard the phrase “no man is an island.” 

I was young and pretty heedless, but I still knew that I’d heard something important. Something true. We need each other. The bridge you destroy today might be the bridge you need to cross tomorrow. 

And if we’re going to build those bridges, why not make them beautiful? Why not do our best work? We can figure this out. We can use available materials (hint: ourselves). We can make them beautiful. We can make them to last.

Have you built any great bridges lately? (I’m not going to ask about broken bridges. Just go fix them. You can do it.) You know I love comments. They build bridges between us. 🙂 

Perilously yours,

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