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Order is Restored #renovation

Renovation Reveal Day!!!


It’s Thursday and reveal day!! I was talking with the husband in our now quiet house and we agreed that we are:

1. So surprised to be living in such a happy space. Through the years, we liked the houses we owned, but we had to pick them quickly (because we’d been transferred) and we often settled—thinking we’d fix it up how we liked later. Later never came. Lol 

2. That this house was nothing like our “dream” house and yet has somehow become a dream house, even though its not fancy and we repurposed everything we could. Our hope is that our family and friends to feel welcome and comfortable when they visit us (and we might need to start taking bookings lol). 

Okay, so here we go!

Let’s go down the stairs!

down the stairs

This is the new view from the bottom of the stairs (and yes, I am an out-of-control Grandma lol)

out of control grandma zone

The grownup area of the newly designed family room:

grown up area


The old/new bedroom which has shrunk in size, but hopefully increased in comfortable!

old new bedroom

Note that LEGAL egress window!

The closet we reclaimed from the mechanical closet:

reclaimed closet

That was my grandma’s dresser. 🙂

The new bedroom:

new bedroom

Also has a LEGAL egress window!

And the new bathroom (remember that ugly bar? Well, look at it now! Haha):

new bathroom

See the flamingo? You didn’t think I’d not have at least one!

I won’t lie to you, there is probably going to be one more renovation post, because our kitchen sink was leaking, so we decided to change out the counters since we have to pull the sink (and apparently renovation is a virus that can spread to other areas of the house!). Not sure when that will be done. My expectations about renovating have been modified to fit reality. Lol

I hope you enjoyed the tour! And I hope you’ll stick around for release week next week! The 8th installment in my Project Enterprise series, Maestra Rising, releases June 18th!

Perilously yours,


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