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My NaBloPoMo Adventure is a Wrap!

It's Over

This month I “ran” a word marathon, well this is my last lap [insert Rocky music here]! My victory lap, if you will. Now actual runners might think that’s a pretty wimpy marathon, but I dug deep, I scraped out the bottom of my brain, I begged words from strangers, I scrapped the bottom of my brain again, I played the baby card!

I went the distance.

I finished.

30 blog posts = 30 days

I learned some things this month:

•    I did it (miracle!)
•    I don’t want to do it again

Don’t get me wrong. It was good for my character to step outside my comfort zone, to challenge myself. But I’m not sure it was good for my blog.

It’s asking a lot of people to visit a blog 2-3 times a week. Asking (mostly hoping) that they’ll stop by every day? Yeah, if I was the Pioneer Woman (I don’t think even she posts every day, though, she has people for some of it)…

Or some wise person on top of a really high mountain…

Or important…

Or not me.

But I am me. (Insert voice singing, I gotta be me here)

So, going forward Perilous Pauline will not be blogging every day. Okay, you don’t have to clap that loud. All right, I’m clapping with you. And I might be doing a modest jig. Yes, Perilous P is resting on her empty word well and digesting the Thanksgiving feast. (I’m old. It takes a few days.)

What you can expect from me going forward is: a Life Happens post on Monday, a Why I Wrote on Wednesday (with some guest authors, I hope!), and some crazy or quirky on Friday. Occasionally, VERY occasionally, I might post on another day if I’m bursting with news or need to wish you Happy Something. You can also count on more awesome photos from the hubs.

And yes, I take requests (as long as they aren’t every day!). So go ahead and cheer with me, ask questions, post requests (I don’t promise to stop blogging however) and if you cheer in the comments, why then you’ll be entered into my monthly drawing for an AnaBanana gift basket of yummy worth $50 this month in honor of my NaBloPoMo blogging challenge. And guess what? This is the LAST day of November! So I’ll be announcing the winner in my NEXT blog post! Comment now before it’s a new month (and the gift basket is back to $25!)
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Perilously yours,
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Pauline has been taking a Thanksgiving break from wreaking fictional mayhem on her characters, but she will be back at it on Monday. While you’re digesting your feat, I hope you’ll pop over and check out my books on my website. Or here on this blog. I plaster information everywhere. If you already know too much, sign up to know more about my books in the future (no, not a time machine, a newsletter).

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