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A Week in Review!

Usually I post things as they happen, but the week has been busy, so decided to do a links roundup of my reviews, and then a few other great links that floated by in the ether.

RT Book Reviews on Kicking Ashe

RT Book Reviews gives shout to to Kicking Ashe in “Keep Your Friends Close.” Loved this article about sidekicks and that Kicking Ashe prompted it. 🙂

(You can see my other RT reviews here.)

And Martha’s Bookshelf highlighted all the books in my Project Enterprise series this past week:

The Key (and giveaway)
Girl Gone Nova
Tangled in Time
Steamrolled (and giveaway)
Kicking Ashe (and giveaway)

Firepages reviews Kicking Ashe, too!

And now for some blog posts I loved this week:

Bringing out the Best in You – Good relationship advice!

Writers in a Gilded Cage – Kristen Lamb on being a good author craftsman

Seven Links Worth Reading from Copyblogger (Jon from CB started following me on twitter, squee!) Be sure to check out the Dr. Seuss sayings! Que fun!

How To Customize Your Facebook Timeline – heard a lot of people worried about the timeline, so hope this helps!

And while you’re checking out links, don’t forget to check out my two contests, which will run until my Virtual Book Release Party on March 20th!


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Pauline Baird Jones is most relieved that the first reviews of Kicking Ashe have been so good. Even with 12 published novels, she worries about reviews. For more information about her and/or her books, stop by her website at 

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