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A Sneak Peak at Nebula Nine!

Nebula Nine cover art

UPDATED: I just released “Nebula Nine” in digital!

“Nebula Nine” is a short story, written specifically for an anthology called Dealer’s Choice. Print editions of Dealer’s Choice [were] be handed out at the Intergalactic Bar & Grill Party at the RT convention in Las Vegas next month.

This anthology will ONLY be in print and after the convention, we’ll each be free to release our contributions digitally. I pulled a cover together for mine, but still not sure exactly how it will be re-released after April (or if this will be the final cover). So stayed tuned, either here or sign up for my newsletter!

About my short story:

Special Forces Temporal Agent, Jane Doe fixes time when it goes wrong, but it feels like more than time is wrong on the aging Nebula Nine Space Station. Why would someone from the future want to blow it out of existence? Why does it feel like there is more going on than is detailed in her mission brief? Who is the blue-eyed stranger who doesn’t feel like a stranger? Why does she fear he is the one man can break her heart—providing she can survive the Nebula Nine Adventure.

This really is just a snippet, because it’s a pretty short story. lol


Ryder Jaxon was a practical man, as grounded as one could be living in a great big spinning top in space. He didn’t believe in anything he couldn’t see with his eyes, couldn’t shoot with his currently available weapons. Granted, he couldn’t see his instincts, but they were as real as his sight and sound and smell. His gut, his instincts, had been honed in the field against the enemy. He could smell trouble coming.

What he didn’t do, what he never did, was see things that weren’t there. Didn’t see dead people. Didn’t see explosions that hadn’t happened. Didn’t have premonitions or déjà vu or any of that other shit.

Until today.


I hope you enjoyed this tiny peek into my short story!

Perilously yours,



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