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A Shocking Secret is Revealed…

Photo of girl kissing a pirate

“Hmmm…I think I like this kissing stuff. No girl cooties yet….”
Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

I’ve decided it is time to reveal my most shocking secret. Well, not exactly a secret if you’ve read my books. But I know when I tell people that my books have romance in them, there are assumptions made. So here goes.

There is no sex in my novels. There is some romantic tension, but no love or sex scenes.

When I get asked if there ever will be, I can only answer…no.

I was born in another century, another millennium. Wow, just writing that makes me look around for a rocking chair or a walker. Even though I’m not actually ready for either, I am an old fashioned gal. (Who does NOT need a Hoveround, thank you very much!)

When I first started writing, it was considered a bit shocking to include sex in your novels. Now it’s sort of shocking when you don’t. Unless you write inspirational romances.

I don’t.

My body count is too high to be inspiring. And my characters sometime cuss. I have talked to them about it, but…ahem…

I’m a dyed in the wool romantic. Which brings us back to old fashioned. I love watching two people fall in love. I love the moment they confess that love, that sealing kiss…and the fade to waves rolling ashore or the fire flickering in a fireplace. And my characters have been pretty emphatic that they’ll let me follow their story and hose them to their toenails IF I respect their privacy at The End.

Pauline Baird Jones, author, writer, romantic suspense author, science fiction romance author, steampunk, humor

“Hey, at little privacy here please!”Copyright Wyojones All rights Reserved. Used with permission. 

I realize that many other authors’ mileage is different from mine. I respect their right to make a different choice. And I hope they’ll respect my right to my choice. 🙂 I’m glad that publishing has changed enough that I can do what I want. I like doing what I want. LOL And I have no desire to tell others how to write their books or what to put in them. 🙂

While I won’t add sex/love scenes to my books, I will try my hardest to give you a romance that satisfies, an adventure that thrills, bad guys who get their comeuppance, and a few laughs. I write novels that I like to read. I’ve been very fortunate to find readers who like them, too, and I’m very grateful for them—and very aware that means I need to step up my game with each and every story.

I’ve recently returned to my romantic suspense roots—and to New Orleans—for a new series I call The Big Uneasy. But for those of you who have enjoyed my science fiction romance, please do not fear. I also have more SFR in the works. In July I’ll be celebrating five years of blogging, so I’m planning a blog party. I have some coupons for my audio books to give away, and I’m hoping that the print edition of Relatively Risky will be available. There will also be some AnaBanana awesomeness.

In other news, I’m going to dial back the blogging for the summer. I’m working on The Grandma Project and the hubs is getting ready to retire, so the summer is going to be a bit hectic. But I hope to be back in the fall with a new story or two and some serious grandma creds. 🙂

So what about you? Doing anything fun for the summer? Are you shocked at my “coming out.” LOL All comments are entered into my monthly drawing for $10 AnaBanana gift card. Winner is announced in the first blog post of the new month.

Pauline Baird Jones, author, writer, romantic suspense author, science fiction romance author, steampunk, humor, Project Enterprise

Perilously yours,

Pauline hopes that if you like reading romance mixed with adventure and danger and humor and occasionally, space travel and/or death threats, you’ll check out her books at

Pauline Baird Jones, author, writer, romantic suspense author, science fiction romance author, steampunk, humor, action adventure

New Orleans. A girl. A guy. Bullets and bad guys. A normal day in the Big UNeasy. Well, what passes for normal…

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