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A Month of Gratitude

Family is important to me.

Nov 1 - Month of Gratutitude-Pauline Baird Jones

Family is important to me. I was a daughter and granddaughter, and I am a sister, wife, mother, and grandmother. (I hope I’m also a friend!)

I wanted to start this month of gratitude (here in the US) by expressing how grateful I am for the people in my life, related and not related. I’ve been so blessed by so many. 

My daughter once asked me, “Mom, how do you know things?”

I thought about it for a minute, but the answer was, “From others.”

My grandmothers taught me grace, dignity, and compassion.

My parents taught me (among many things) to live in peace with my neighbors.

My brothers taught me to be funny (haha).

My sister, well, I’d need a whole blog post for her, but if I had to pick one? She taught me about courage and facing up to the hard things in life. 

My children basically raised me. They didn’t come with a manual and neither did I, so we worked it out together. 

My husband also helped raise me. Lol From him I’ve learned about overcoming difficulties and keeping a sense of humor in the storms. 

From my grandchildren I’ve learned about unconditional love. They shower me with it and my soul swells with delight. 

From my friends, well, there are so many things they’ve taught me about loyalty and true friendship.

From my readers and from other authors, I’ve learned how to take all this knowledge and distill it into my characters, and about finishing what you start. 

As I was thinking about this blog post, and how very much I have to be grateful for, I didn’t want it to be one of those “my life is so great” posts. Some years back, a little gal I knew who was struggling told me that I couldn’t possibly understand her problems because “your life is perfect.”

When I got up off the floor and managed to close my dropped jaw, I told her, “You have no idea how hard my life is. Some of my challenges would make you curl up in the closet and suck your thumb.”

Because that’s the thing, isn’t it? Being grateful isn’t about trouble-free or challenge-free lives. It is, for me, about being grateful to be alive and to be alive with special people who love me knowing I’m not perfect. And for people who stick with you through the ups and downs.

I’m also grateful for you, my readers, who show up to read my blogs and buy my books. May you have a month of joy in being with those who matter to you and knowing that you are alive to celebrate those people. (And I hope you read some great books, too!)

Perilously yours,


P.S. When I wrote my Big Uneasy books, my desire was to infuse the Bakers with the same wonderful and sometimes crazy-making sense of family that I have. So it is very fun that I have two events for my readers featuring the Big Uneasy this month. They both wrap up before Thanksgiving, so you’ll have some fun books to read over the weekend. 

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