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A Kind of Random Round-up

Lighthouses and more!

Lighthouse on sunset

It’s Tuesday and I’m hip deep in writing and editing. I’m working on my Pets in Space 3 story and editing my Project Enterprise 7 novel. I’m dying to share more, but holding back because I don’t want to have to come back and oops, now it’s going to happen here and not here. So when I’m SURE, I’ll be posting more info about Project Enterprise 7. 

Because I’m draining words out of my brain at a very great rate, I had trouble coming up with words for this blog post, so I thought now might be time for a roundup. 

These links are all related, loosely in some cases, but related to Specters in the Storm (an excerpt was posted yesterday!). 

So here you go, some links:

In which I define the indefinable. 

I share my love for Lighthouses.  

Why I wrote Specters in the Storm.  

The first Specters in the Storm excerpt. 

Some fun facts about Octopuses 

A pretty lighthouse picture.   

I hope you enjoyed the round-up! I had fun looking back and remembering the fun around the original release date for Specters in the Storm. 

Perilously yours,


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