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999 Blog Posts, oh my!

If you're superstitious, look away!

999 blog posts

If you are superstitious, you might want to click away from this blog post because it is my 999th blog post! Well, it is my official one. I started blogging before my blog landed here and was able to migrate some of them, but some got lost or weren’t interesting enough for me to figure out how to migrate them anywhere.

I began blogging seriously here on Word Press on February 17, 2010. About Almond Joy Pieces and other “important stuff.Girl Gone Nova had just released and apparently, I was whining about the cold back then. Lol

I started out trying to regularly post once a week, then went to twice a week, then three times a week.

Having now hit that 1000 blog post mark, I’ve decided I need to start scaling back again. Times have changed a lot in the blogging world and my ability to do All The Things is also lessening. Lol

There are a couple of additional reasons for this change.

1. Time. I feel like I need to put more time into writing books. Blogging has been great about helping me be more disciplined, but it’s also been taking priority over my novel writing.

2. I don’t think visitors need that much content from me. I’m just not THAT interesting.

3. I’ve been so lucky to that other authors have been willing to come and share their “why I wrote” stories with me and you, and I plan to continue hosting authors for this feature. But…just as it is hard for me to produce blog content, so has it been for other authors. I’ve not had as many blog requests, so I feel that dialing the “why I wrote” back to once or twice a month will also dial down my stress levels, and make the posts themselves more special for my blog visitors.

What else is going to change? Well, I am changing the way I do the gift baskets. AnaBanana closed her shop and yes, I have a Zazzle shop now, but I’d like to make that more random (and hopefully special) as well.

I think all blogs are seeing a decline in blog comments because people tend to comment more on Facebook or other social media platforms. So, going forward, I’m going to commit random acts of drawings. Sort of like a popup restaurant without the food.

So, after saying I’m going to be dialing things back, this week will not only feature a guest post on Wednesday and the usual wormhole post but a mini blog party tomorrow. Lol Hey, it’s my space and I can do what I want. Lol

I hope you’ll stop back and celebrate with me! I promise I’ll keep it short!

Perilously yours,


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