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Wishing for a Wormhole: Quick Five

Because it’s Friday and because I had some family stuff this week, this will be a quick blog post (like we’re up for more by Friday anyway, I know my brain is near dead by now). So here’s my Quick Five, diving through the wormhole, classic tv shows (science fiction-ish, of course):

  • The Jetsons – I don’t know about you, but this show started me thinking about the future, even if Jane was stuck in the stereotypical past.
  • Dr. Who – Yeah, we had it back then, though I saw it in reruns and of course, with a different Doc.
  • Star Trek – okay, it’s the obvious choice, but back in the day it was very cutting edge.
  • Lost in Space – don’t judge the series by the terrible movie. Well, maybe a little. But it was still fun.
  • Wild, Wild West – again, please don’t judge this by the terrible movie. It was great fun, steampunk before steampunk was cool and full of made-up science (my favorite kind!). And I SO hearted Jim West. O.O

Okay, keeping with the “five” theme, here’s a link to someone’s opinion of the Top 50 Science Fiction Television Shows. For some reason there is an asteroid story at the front, but then it dips into the shows. So what’s your top five? Do you agree with their top fifty? Do you watch your SF? Read it? Both?

All comments are entered into my monthly drawing for $10 AnaBanana gift card. Winner is announced in the first blog post of the new month.

Perilously, and fictionally scientifically, yours,


I also dive into the wormhole with my fiction. I wrote a science fiction romance (space opera) series I call Project Enterprise. It’s filled with action, adventure, romance, humor and lots of made-up science. I did mention that’s my favorite kind, didn’t I? For more information about this series, or any of my books, pop over to my website at .

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