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Why World War II for Out of Time?

The shoes were terribly uncomfortable!

Kickstarter, Out of Time, hardcover, Pauline Baird Jones

I sometimes get asked why I chose World War II as the place that Mel would travel to in Jack’s time travel machine. 

The reasons were:

1. I have always been fascinated by that period of history. So much evil and good clashing on every level all over the world.

2. Mel didn’t want to travel back to a time without at least basic plumbing. I couldn’t blame her. I don’t like pit toilets either. 

3. There were still people alive who lived through that period of time and could help me with their personal experiences and memories. 

4. Guys look so great in uniform. 

After I picked the setting, the challenge was getting the details right enough to tell a good story and not have glaring clangers. 

One of the cool things I found, and used, was a daily log for a B-17 Bomber group. It detailed their missions, where they went, and even mentioned parties. It was super cool and allowed me to focus in and collect some details that added reality without overwhelming the story with facts. 

I had planned to have Mel land further into the war and in Germany, but the log was too good to pass up, and my research turned up the problems with parachuting into Germany (pilots often got beat up because they were bombing German cities. This annoyed people. In France, the French wanted the bombing—kind of.)

My favorite research was talking to actual crews from the various air craft. There were some things that were common, but there were also personal experiences that were different and allowed me to skate over things that didn’t fit well into my story. 

What I didn’t make up was what heroes they were and how very much I still admire those boys for what they did.

It’s now been 18 years since Out of Time released and to celebrate that milestone I’m giving the book something it never had! A hardcover! To make it happen, I turned to Kickstarter!

But why Kickstarter, you may ask? Kickstarter allows me to offer these exclusive items directly to you, my valued readers. And it is live now!!! Make sure you don’t miss the launch by hopping over to click the “back this project” button!

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