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For reasons...

For each book I release, I write a “why I wrote” post. Sometimes it is hard to articulate a “why.” I write because that is what I do, but why I wrote a particular book? That’s more complicated.

The first reason is kind of not-that-interesting. Since the reboot of my Project Enterprise series, I try to write at least one novel-length installment and a short story or novella (for Pets in Space) each year. I know there are authors out there who write more books a year. Yes, I am a slacker. No, I do not plan to change. Every time I try, August kicks my trash to the wall. 

Anyway, there is also always another, bigger reason for writing any book. I write it to answer the same questions my readers have. What happens next? What about this favorite character, or that one? What about that lost ship from Found Girl? Yeah, that one.  

Last year, when writing Lost Valyr, I thought I’d be able to find the Boyington, but too much happened and all my characters were so busy staying alive, they didn’t get to that problem.

So, the main reason for this book was to bring the Boyington home. 

But, as you know, if you read my series, nothing is ever simple. And getting what you want can come around and bite you on the tush. Big, nasty bites, too. 

I will freely admit, this book surprised me every step of the way. Every. Single. Word. Every. Single. Page. 

The good guys and gals surprised me. The bad guys and gals surprised me. 

I almost got whiplash trying to keep up with every one and every thing. 

There are Easter eggs for readers who have stuck with me for eight books (and the short stories). Some long-standing questions are answered. And pretty much everyone gets hosed. Lol But there are also some happy endings. Will this be THE ending? Well, you’ll have to read it to find out! 

It releases TOMORROW! (Hey, I only get to get this excited three times a year.) I hope you’ll join me in on this romantic interstellar adventure!

Perilously yours,


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