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The Specter in My Storm

It is likely some books will have many covers. This is not one of them. lol

cover art

When you’ve been an author as long as I have, it is likely that your books will have many covers. When I started publishing my own books in 2013, the learning curve for everything was very steep. 

I will note that I have loved, or at least liked, all the covers I’ve had. Readers…not always. Lol

If you’ve visited my website at all in the last, oh, year or so, you’ll have noticed that my covers are gradually changing to new ones. I’ve been working toward having a more branded look for all my covers. 

But there is/was an economic factor. I’d sort of decided not to change them all because some things just sell more than others and I figured—even with a shiny new look—some books probably wouldn’t earn out the cost.

But it’s like when you get one new piece of furniture and it makes everything else look kind of worn and sad? It’s either that or mild OCD that I can’t stand all the books looking nice and shiny on my virtual shelves. 

Whatever the reason, I’m excited as each new cover appears in public. 

Now having said that most books have had many covers, one of the exceptions is Specters in the Storm because it has only had one other cover. This one definitely highlights the romance more than my previous cover. 

Cover art

This is the old cover. Don’t really say romance, does it?

Do you like change? (Notice how I didn’t ask if you liked the cover. Lol I need to not know that because it is done and there is no going back. Lol)

Perilously yours,


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