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The Magical Haunting Sound of Ice

One of the craziest sounds I’ve ever heard...


I wrote After The Fall for Embrace the Passion: Pets In Space 3 during late winter, early spring 2018, while my husband and I lived in Upstate New York. Being from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, it was my first experience living in such deep winter conditions. And I loved every second of it, doing everything from snowshoeing to snowmobiling to ice fishing. 

Some of these experiences influenced how I wrote After The Fall. One of the craziest sounds I’ve ever heard is ice as it strengthens over a frozen lake. The sound doesn’t seem possible until you’ve actually witnessed it. If someone told me that ice sounds like something out of a science fiction movie before this past winter, I wouldn’t have believed them. I wouldn’t have even known what they were talking about.

If you can see the video, click this link:

The guy fishing here is so funny, as he just laughs at the sound. It’s eerie and scary and magical all at once. The sound is exactly as you will hear it in the video. To be out there in person is something to behold. And disconcerting when you’re all the way out in the middle and the lake decides to start zinging. 

The first time I was out on Delta Lake and it made that noise, my gut instinct was to run for the shoreline. But no one else even so much as deviated from what they were doing. Ice fishermen kept fishing. Vehicles kept moving. People pulling sleds kept walking. It was as if there was no sound at all, a perfectly normal, everyday experience. 

I went to the lake several times a week and it was different each time I went, the sights and sounds never getting old. Later, I realized no one was oblivious to the noise. They loved it as much as I did. That’s why they were always out there too.

The following snippet is A’ryk’s pure joy at listening to a frozen lake on his world:


The frozen lake sang, sharp, almost sonic sounds, followed by several zings that sounded like skating blaster fire. The sounds transmitted and amplified across the entire surface of the lake, a loud pong signaling cracking on the other end. A beautiful melody. H’tch wasn’t particularly fond of it, but it spoke to A’ryk’s soul. 


Kyndra HatchKyndra Hatch writes action-packed paranormal, science fiction, and fantasy romance stories when she’s not watching for falling stars and avoiding mischievous raccoons at her cabin in the woods. 

Many thanks for the magical post, Kyndra! So excited to have you on board for Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3If you want to read Kyndra’s story, you’ll have to buy (lol)!

Perilously yours,


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