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The Magic Purse

When the purse calls you.

May 30 My Magic Purse Pauline Baird Jones

So I’m walking down the street in Cody, WY and I see this purse out of the corner of my eye. Now, heretofore, I’ve been a pretty conservative purse person. I’m more about function. But this one stopped me in my tracks. I mean, one moment I’m walking down the street, on course for lunch, the next I’m standing in front of her.

I did not think it was magic. Not then. I just thought, wow, you’ve got a birthday coming, maybe it’s time to step up your game, girl. So I walked out with that purse.

This is not a small purse. It takes up some room. Makes a statement. Not sure the statement is about me, because I’m a <a title=”The Way of the Hermit” href=””>hermit</a>. Don’t wear heels much anymore. But I live in Texas, so the purse works. It’s also big enough to carry all my crap. It’s almost a Tardis. Last week, I’d could swear I felt a sauna in there.

I was cool with that. And then my sunglasses disappeared. I emptied the purse. Did everything but hold it upside down and shake it. I was pretty sure I’d put them inside, but I looked all the places I could think of. Finally gave up, borrowed some sunglasses from my sister and headed home. Fast forward a week or so. I’m digging through The Purse for my borrowed sunglasses and lo, and behold, my missing sunglasses emerge.


When I go somewhere, The Purse stops women in their tracks. Strangers praise her. She loves the praise. So I’m blogging about her in hopes she won’t eat any other belongings. I like to get along with my purse. Especially if she’s magic. But if Dr. Who comes out?

We’ll have to talk. Cuz the hubs is not a fan.

Alien Bag Pauline Baird JonesUPDATE: So I do not have this purse anymore and I didn’t remember it until I was searching for blog post ideas. Did it magic me into forgetting it? Or is it bitter I traded up to an alien abduction purse? 

Do you have any magic accessories? 

Perilously yours,


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