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Spring Put a Spring in My Step

A Popular Posts Roundup Romp...ish post. lol

lanterns garden horses

My daughter and her husband took me to “Lanterns in the Garden” at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. More than 20 sets of lanterns crafted from silk, wire, and steel were spread out across the gardens. Rarely staged outside of China, lantern festivals are a central part of Chinese culture and date back thousands of years. Not something you would expect to experience in Texas. One of my favorite groups of lanterns were the colorful horses. Copyright WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

On the inside, this is how I feel about spring. Lol The outside of me is still working on getting Maestra Rising into preorder. In the meantime, I thought it might be fun to look at what are my most popular of my 1200+ blog posts. Twelve hundred. That makes me blink a little, but let’s take a peek behind the curtain:

It’s not a surprise that my home page gets the most views, followed by my blog link. Then it starts to get interesting. One of my most popular blog posts is called “On My Classic Bookshelf: Elizabeth Cadell.” This makes me happy because I fell in love with her books when I was a teen and have been so excited that her heirs are republishing her books in digital and the way EC wrote them, not Americanized. (I love my country, but I like reading books the way the author wrote them. I am able to figure out what the author meant by looking at the context—or by looking it up.)

Two of my bundle pages—Project Enterprise 1 and Lonesome Lawmen—are up next. Yay! This makes me happy to see readers are finding these books!

And then—drum roll in preparation for a chuckle—comes “8 Reasons to Time Travel. Lol (At least it isn’t the one about how to rule over a planet!).

After the time travel post is a guest post by the awesome Jamie Gold called “Dedicated? Or Demented? Why I Create Worksheets for Writers.” I won a guest post from her a few years back and it makes me happy that writers are still finding her wonderful post. 

Up next is the book page for Open with Care. Woot!  Open with Care contains the only Christmas/holiday story I’ve ever written and there is also a story in there by my wonderful friend, Genie Davis. 

Visitors also click on my “about” page where you find out about me, which is amazing because I hide it at the bottom of my site. (Cue scary music.)

Two more popular posts are “Getting Out of Our Own Pain the Dr. Sarno Way” and “Male Pattern Blindness=Secret to Kicking that Bad Habit.” The first post is about how I kicked carpel tunnel syndrome to the curb without surgery, and the second is how I, um, kicked my hubby to get him to quit his male pattern blindness. Lol 

And, for some reason, my post “So I Also Suck at Origami” is oddly fairly popular. Lol 

I started blogging on this site in 2010, (I tried two other blogging platforms—with not much success—before moving here. Some of the posts followed me and some didn’t make it. RIP posts.) on Feb 2 to be exact. My very first post on Word Press was “Almond Joy Pieces and Other “Important” Stuff.” I have no idea why this was my first post. lol

Do you have a favorite blog post of mine? Or someone else’s? I used to have a blog roll of favorite blogs, but when I changed my theme last year, I lost that functionality, but I do follow a lot of blogs. A lot of people say blogging is dead. I guess they could be right. I mean, Goodreads says I’m dead and I’m still ticking along. So dead, but not gone? Lol

I hope you enjoyed this peek behind the curtain of my blog. If you didn’t, I understand. (grin)

Perilously yours,


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