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Spring Cleaning? 😱

Don't ask an AI for an opinion.

March 13 Spring Clean Pauline Baird Jones

So I asked an AI to talk to me about spring cleaning. Probably not the best…person?…to ask? 

Clearly, it loved the idea of giving the whole house a shake down. First it likened it to a pirate adventure and then it wanted me to involve my friends in a spring cleaning race. Seriously? My friends race through books, not their cleaning. 

It also suggested a drinking game. I’m pretty sure I can’t drink enough Pepsi to forget I’m face to face with floor boards. 

Back in the olden days (I figure I am old enough to say that now), we used to have a clothesline. My mom haul our all the rugs (or have us haul them out), hang them over the lines and beat them to get the dust out. 

She loved getting the dust out of things. And I spend my days wondering why I’ve never lived in a house with a truly cool attic filled with trunks, portals, and other fun stuff. Oh, and writing books. I should write a book about a cool attic and a tree house. I also love tree houses.

I know, this is random, but dealing with the AI has sent me off into random.

Help me get back by telling me if you’re for or against spring cleaning?

Perilously yours,


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