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So Much TGIF

I’m going to be neck deep in crap.

Heart Mountain view of Cody

Home! Copyright by Wyojones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

When you work from home, Friday isn’t quite the joy fest of when I used to leave my house to work behind a desk. Managing my own, at-home business means that I often work on Saturday, too. 

But this last week has been a moving/closing down our Texas home, with all the stress and drama a move entails. The last time we embarked on a major move was in 2003. Fifteen years ago. When we were fifteen years younger. 

I’m writing this before it happens because I’m going to be neck deep in crap. And I’m having trouble facing the plane trip and the inevitable TSA crazy. (I used to love flying, but they’ve taken all the “customer service” out of the experience and added in a crap ton of “police line up.” There’s also too much “you’re lucky we took your piles of money and let you on this plane.” So, yeah, the love is gone.)

I look back on our last move and I marvel at what I was able to accomplish. This time I just want to hide in a closet and suck my thumb. 

I think most people survive packing up their belongings and moving them from one place to another. So I expect to survive, even if I don’t thrive. In fact, I’m hoping that by the time this blog post goes live, I’ll be home or within sight of home and doing the TGIF jig of joy. 

But for now, the mountain is still out there and my inner wimp is crying like a newborn baby.

How do you deal with the crappy “must dos” in your life? It’s too late to save me but maybe someone else will be helped. 

Perilously yours,


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