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She Liked Traveling With Weapons

An excerpt from GIRL GONE NOVA

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Briggs first shows up in The Key and I liked him so much, he reprises his role in Girl Gone Nova (and he gets his own story in Time Trap). Though he is gruff and seems to have a problem with women in the military, he is actually super supportive of both Sara and Doc (the heroine of Girl Gone Nova

I think this excerpt also gives you a nice look at Doc and how she thinks.

“You’re late.”

“I had to pack.” She’d also decided to get a haircut. She needed one and she hoped it would change her appearance enough to confuse things if someone noticed her in the shuttle bay. Her hair was terminally straight and, if she believed the stylist, the chin length cut suited her hair and face. Perhaps the shorter length would also minimize the Morticia comparisons, though she wouldn’t count on it until it happened. She lifted her chin when Briggs gaze lingered on the new do for what seemed like a long time.

She’d also taken time to pack an overnight bag—and had something to put it in thanks to the efficient Simmons arranging for her laundry to get done. She didn’t need much. The Doolittle should be right on her heels. As much as the General had wanted to keep the Gadi off the outpost—he now wanted them on it. It was no surprise when Briggs refrained from comment and led her to a storage bay. He had three Garradian ships for her to consider.

“They have missing systems,” Briggs explained, “but they’ll fly. This one still has some weapons, but none of them have a cloak.” He cocked a brow in an unspoken question.

“Shouldn’t need a cloak,” Doc murmured, looking at the craft. Two were sleek and deadly looking, though in a different way from the expedition’s fighter craft. One looked like some kind of shuttle craft, clunky compared to the fighters. The fighters would be more fun. “I suppose I should take that one.”

She pointed without enthusiasm at the shuttle.

Briggs gave her a look. It was the same one he gave her when she missed a dance step.

“That’s no fun.”

Her lips twitched. “Am I allowed to have fun?”

“I could make it an order.”

Doc grinned. “One I’m happy to obey, sir. I’d like to leave sooner, rather than later.”

“You could already be gone,” he pointed out, then added, “You shouldn’t be out there alone.”

Her brows shot up. She’d never have pegged him as protective. “I always am.”

Now she’d surprised herself. Had she ever said anything quite so revealing? Or so true?

He scowled. “You’re not as tough as you think you are.”

She considered this. How tough did she think she was? “True.” She smiled. “Thank you.”

His scowl deepened. “For what?”

“For worrying.” Something in his face prompted her to add, “About your ship, I mean. You wouldn’t worry about a girl. I know that.” Sara had warned her about Briggs so-called prejudices. He was cute in a tough, scary way.

He grunted. “I’ll prep the one with weapons.”

His tone told her not to argue it. She could have told him she didn’t plan to. She liked traveling with weapons, the bigger the better.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt and will be back next week for another one! Or you can grab Girl Gone Nova right now!

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