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River Disappears into a #Wormhole?

This river disappears!

disappearing river

Geitá (The Goat River) Disappears
Geitá (The Goat River) disappears into an enlarged crack which forms a shallow chasm in a basalt flow in the upper Hvitá valley east of Húsafell in West Iceland. The river at this spot flows very close to a Highland track called Kaldidalsvegur (Route 550). The river flows downward through a chute or flume from the point it enters the chasm. The chute is called Geitárstokkur. The cloud covered mountain in the distance is Syðra-Hádegisfell.

Okay, this is pretty amazing. Would river tube down this one and see what’s down there?

Yeah, me either. lol But it’s a nice image to finish off the year here on my blog!

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