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Open Doors!

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Last blog, I talked about the closed doors in my life. Or the doors that were starting to close. The nice thing about getting older, is that I have a better sense of which open doors I want to explore. When I was younger, the open doors seem to go on forever. It can almost make you a schizo, trying to see it all, try a few here and there. Now that I’m older and slower, I take time with the open doors. I go in and look around, maybe rearrange a few things.

Some people think diminishing choices is a bad thing, but I don’t think it is. It gives me a chance to experience more deeply and fully, the experiences left to me. And I think I appreciate them more now, too. That sense of time speeding by encourages me to slow down and feel more.

I have a better appreciation each phone call from one of my kids, and each second they are home. People matter more than things. That’s my mantra, as I approach the time of leaving all things behind. I feel more focused, more centered, more open.

My mom read my blog last week and reminded me that we get wiser as we get older–and people listen to us less. I know when I was young, I didn’t believe a lot of what I was told, so I [mbm_book_grid id=”5892″]don’t expect to be believed, or approached for my wisdom. There are things we only learn by passing through the experiences. I’m grateful to my mom for giving me the tools to manage those experiences mostly successfully and hope I passed those tools onto my kids. (So far they seem to be doing fine without me closely supervising, though I stand ready if they need me.)

One door I really like to open is my patio door when it finally cools off down here. It’s not quite there yet. I can pop the windows open for a bit in the early mornings, which is nice. So I like those open windows, too. Let’s see, I also like open books, open crepes places with friends or family, open cans of Diet Dr. Pepper and open lines of communication. Oh, and the open file of my book in progress! Mustn’t forget that!

And now I need to get back to that open book file. My characters are tapping their feet, wanting some resolutions to the problems I threw at them. So for you, my friends, I hope you find the new month filled with both open and closed doors, in the right mix for you.
perilously yours,

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