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Not Too Late For This?

No one is out of time to check this out!

cover art

Out of Time has had a lot of covers. I tried to track them all down, but gave up, even though they are somewhere “out there” (on my back up hard drive). 

I have had several favorites, but it is a funny thing about covers. An author can love a cover and readers can be…indifferent. (Thanks to independent publishing, I can tell when readers like the cover. Lol)

I wasn’t going to change it, because the last cover was lovely and seemed to be doing the job. But…branding. It’s an author term that has to do with how a cover fits in with the other books. Even though Out of Time is sort of by itself right now (I am actually starting to do research for a followup to this!), it still has to look like it “goes with” my other books. 

And, I really do like this cover. It has opened up some opportunities for me that have helped my business (which is good, because that means I keep writing books). 

I really love this book anyway. It is pretty special to me because it has some family ties (not in the travel through time, but in some of the settings I used.)

The good news, is that no one is out of time to read Out of Timelol

Perilously yours,


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