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My “Spooky” Reading

I am a coward about spooky things.

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Okay, confession time. I’m a coward. I do not like horror movies and have to be careful about scary movies. 

I think it is an imagination problem, too, though mostly it is a coward problem. 

I used to be afraid of what was under my bed. When I’d have a nightmare, I’d stand up and jump as far from the bed as possible, hit the ground running, and slam into my parents’ bed.

I’m sure they loved that. 

And getting back onto the bed if my mom declined to escort me? I should have gone out for the track team when I was older because I honed my jumping skills. Lol

That said, I have read a few horror novels. 

I read Dracula because of my sister. And Frank Langella. If you haven’t seen his Dracula then you won’t understand. Lol

I’ve watched a few ghost movies with—or because of my sister. 

I think I see a pattern emerging. I should have her write this blog post because she is the one who likes the spooky stuff. 

I have a few spooky things in some of my books (I tap into my inner fears for those scenes): 

Specters in the StormThis is probably my most “horror” book. At least one reviewer said it had a “horror” feel. 

Kicking Ashe: Project Enterprise 5This book has a definite horror scene. Cockroaches. I won’t say more. 

Oddly enough, Do Wah Diddy Die, a comedy romantic suspense, is my only book with a ghost. 

I don’t know if seriously creepy bad guys count? In that category I have two: Dangerous Dance and Found Girl (in an ironic twist Found Girl gave my sister nightmares…)

And in the category of “books with scenes in a cemetery,” I have Relatively Risky. 

What is the creepiest book you’ve read or written? Let’s get our Spooky reading on for October!

Perilously yours,


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