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#MoreClouds #MoreMountains

The hubs and I chat about geology and clouds


clouds and mountains

So I had to share this alternate shot of Heart Mountain this week. Because CLOUDS! 

It is so sweet of the hubs to look out for these shots. Though I think he has to work at it. We were driving along the highway and I said, “Wow, look at that view!”

Hubs responds with an incomprehensible geologic summary.

I say, “I was looking at the clouds.”

He says, “You’ve been married to a geologist for 46 years and you can’t tell that’s a [more incomprehensible geologic stuff].” 

And I respond, “Nope. Haven’t learned a thing. And all I see is the great cloud over some rock stuff.” 

More geologic stuff mixed with disbelief.

Clearly, we didn’t build our 46 years on a geologic foundation. Lol

Perilously yours,


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