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Meet my PETS IN SPACE 5 Pet!

It is too bad that blog posts can’t do drum rolls...

All the Pets in Space 5 pets

First off, meet all the pets of Pets in Space 5! Which one is mine, you ask? Well…

It is too bad that blog posts can’t do drum rolls, because every year when I introduce my pet, I feel like it needs one. So you’ll have to use your imagination. Get ready…start your mental drum roll!

And meet…Blooban!

Pauline's pet frog

Um, yes, he is a frog. 

Is that a problem?

I hope not because he kind of grows on you. Not in the “grows on your skin” way, but as you get used to him you end up kind of liking him because he has hidden depths. And he has my heroine’s back—as much as a frog can have anyone’s back. Which might turn out to be quite a bit. 

He was inspired by the “World’s Grumpiest Frog,” but I think our artist captured his potentate side, giving him a wise and thoughtful aura and his croaks sound important, too. 

So here’s the blurb to “General’s Holiday:”

A lady, a frog, and the General that wanted to be Picard…

General John Halliwell, Commander of the Project Enterprise Earth Expedition, has spent most of his time in the Garradian Galaxy being shot at and shooting back. When a mysterious and intriguing lady arrives on Kikk asking for some non-shooting help, he is intrigued enough to listen. 

All Naxe has ever known is a life of hiding and providing. With the end of the war, freedom still feels further than ever. Determined to end the stalemate that threatens her people, she will break all the rules—even the one where she asks General Halliwell for help. 

Of course, she should have known better. Trouble—and the shooting—starts the moment she brings the general and his team to the Scoyfol ships. It won’t matter that the enterprising General Halliwell is the first man to remind her she is a woman if they are dead! Is it possible to end the stalemate, survive the shooting, and still find a happily ever after? 

And here’s the blurb for Pets in Space 5: 

cover artPets in Space® 5 is back for the fifth amazing year! Twelve authors, 12 original, never-before-released stories from today’s leading Science Fiction Romance authors. You can help us make a difference as we continue to support for the 5th incredible year! Grab your copy today!

You can preorder a copy today so you won’t miss it! 

I hope you have a great weekend, one with only helpful frogs or other pets!

Perilously yours,


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