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Little Cities of the Dead

photo of new orleans cemetery

Street in the City of the Dead
Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, LA
Morning light shines on the tombs in the Metairie Cemetery located near the New Orleans Country Club on the northwest edge of the city of New Orleans . Notice that the tombs and sidewalk are on a gentle curve. This is because the cemetery is laid out in an oval matching the horse racing track that it replaced. In one of the best example I know of peaceful protest, when the Yankee carpet baggers outlawed horse racing in New Orleans following the Civil War, the Creoles turned the old horse race track into a cemetery. Part of their way of life had died along with many of their men who served in the Confederate Army. Many say the angels wept. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

In New Orleans, they call them “Dead Spaces,” which is where I get the title for my new release. They also call them “Little Cities of the Dead.” Let’s just say, if the wormhole takes you there, interesting things are bound to happen. Especially if you end up in the New Orleans ones.

Have you visited a dead space in New Orleans? Somewhere else? I will confess that now that we’re getting on, I’m starting to study them a little more closely. lol

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P.S. It’s not just in Relatively Risky, where my characters fictionally visit the New Orleans cemeteries. It also happens in Core Punch

cover for Core Punch

“The evil he’s hunting is hunting them…”

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