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Let’s Get Our Spooky On!

Do you like to go gently into the scary night?

It’s October, so it is time to get our spooky on! 

I like to go gently into the scary night. No horror or too much scary for this girl. I think The Burbs is about as scary as I can handle, though I do watch the occasional ghost story with my sister. 

And we both read Dracula (the book) kind of together (which means we read it almost at the same time, 1500 miles apart), and it gave us both nightmares. Lol 

Despite the nightmares, we kind of binged what vampire movies we could find at the time. So I went and scrolled through the top 100 vampire movies, and it is clear that a lot of them weren’t available (this was back when films were first being put on video cassettes), or we just didn’t watch them.

There were two on the list: Frank Langella’s Dracula (71 on the list; scary) and Love at First Bite (79 on the list; funny).

There have been a lot of movies since, and books with vampires have flooded the bookstores. 

I don’t write about vampires, but I have written some books that I consider scary, some verging into the horror range. 

So this month, on my social media, I’ll feature my scariest books.

Books with scary villains:

Lost Valyr 

One Two Punch

Operation Ark

Specters in the Storm

Dangerous Dance

Books with scary elements (and nasty villains. All my books have very villainous villains):

Kicking Ashe

Nebula Nine 

So for spooky reading, I’ve got you covered! 

What are your favorite spooky books? Keep in mind that Dracula gave me nightmares, and go easy! Lol

Perilously yours,


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