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It’s Never Easy: Louisiana Lagniappe Releasing!

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You might be wondering why you didn’t know this book was releasing. The short answer is (always): Life Happens. And it happened to me. A lot. Some quick facts about Louisiana Lagniappe:

  1. It was supposed to be a novel, but it’s not. It’s a novella. (see above)
  2. It was supposed to release in Sept, but Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 happened. (We have a release blackout so we can raise as much money as possible for
  3. It’s about the Bakers, of course, but specifically is about the dad, Zach, finding some happiness against [drum roll here] the backdrop of Alex and Nell’s wedding.
  4. It’s not numbered 2.5 everywhere because some places won’t let me use decimals (who knew I’d ever have that problem?)
  5. Yes, I’m going to release a new, whole novel. It’s started but this time I won’t say when it will release. Because..
  6. Life Happens. A lot.

Here’s the blurb:

A Reunion, a murder, and a wedding… What’s next?

Becca Smith Poole should have known her forty-fifth high school reunion would be anything but normal – especially when a dead body turns up! Renowned for her problem-solving skills, Becca is determined to discover who the murderer is – and if her former high school crush is still as handsome as he was in their younger days. The first will take some time to solve, the second one took her breath away.

Retired detective Zach Baker has been lonely since the last of his Baker’s dozen moved out. When he sees Becca Smith’s picture in the “where are they now” brochure, he wonders if this might be a first chance for him with the gal he could never connect with in high school. But before he can ask her out, a murder breaks up the party.

Lucky for him, his son’s upcoming wedding is full of problems requiring Becca’s professional problem-solving touch. Can a retired cop and a mystery reading problem solver unmask a killer before the wedding? Even more challenging, can Zach convince Becca that there is no end date for falling in love?

Dive into the next installment of the Big Uneasy series that reviewers have said will “make the reader feel as if they’ve been plopped down right in the middle of the Big Easy.” Get Louisiana Lagniappe: The Big Uneasy 2.5 now!

It’s in the process of releasing everywhere, so the best way to find out where it’s available is by clicking here.

And here’s an excerpt, well, because who doesn’t like an excerpt?

* * *

Zach glanced around. It was New Orleans at night, so they weren’t alone, but it was New Orleans at night, so it didn’t matter. A couple of steps back and they’d be in shadow. He took her arm and drew her slowly out of the entrance lights. Her eyes widened, but she didn’t resist.

Maybe she was as curious as he was to find out what a first kiss would be like at their age. He didn’t grab her or anything. They didn’t have much time before the car would be here. He rested one hand on her shoulder, used the other to tip her chin up and bent his head to hers.

Before contact, her scent flooded his senses with old memories and new hope. It had been a long time, but he was glad to find out he still knew how. That the magic could still happen. His hand cupping her chin felt her pulse speed up, so he knew she felt it, too.

He heard footsteps and lifted his head, brushing her hair back with a hand that might have trembled before he stepped back and turned to face the kid who didn’t have his car.

“We’re sorry, sir. Someone slashed your tires.

* * *

Get Louisiana Lagniappe: The Big Uneasy 2.5 now! And if you haven’t read about the Bakers before, you can catch up here: The Big Uneasy Series

And if you know someone who loves mysteries, or books set in New Orleans, please share this post with them!

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