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I was nominated for Lesa’s Blod Faced Liar Award!

I’m playing a blog game on my other personal blog. There’s a prize on the line if you stop by and comment. I wish I were more interesting. Perhaps you’d read Rowena’s entries AFTER mine, so I don’t look as bad. Maybe it’s Monday, but I had trouble finding interesting truths/lies (or my life is even boring in my imagination!) If I could have played as Doc from Girl Gone Nova, I would have kicked tush. 

And, after like, forever, Girl Gone Nova has released at Fictionwise.That means it should soon be available for the Nook on B&N. Speaking of B&N, they have pulled sales of my trade paper back editions, but the digital editions are still selling. Punks. I was going to give them credit for finally getting a clue and respecting my copyright, but they only got half a clue. 

I just found out that I”m also an artist, a painter! And I’m really good! Check out “my” work here. I just wish I’d known I was that good before I got mixed up in writing. It does feel weird to run into myself on the internet, though I always suspected I had hidden depths. Really, really hidden depths. Like center of the Earth hidden. I guess since I can’t remember being a painter, I will continue to write my trashy popular fiction and let my hidden life remain hidden. But I expect more respect from here on out. 

Perilously yours,

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