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I Love to Laugh

And not just because it's good for my mental health.

March 27 Laugh Pauline Baird Jones

I love to laugh and not just because I know it is good for my mental health. I just love a good or even a bad joke. Corny jokes are welcome here, too.

I might need air more than laughing, but I still feel like it is critical to my survival. It is how I cope with difficult or challenging situations. 

Luckily I married a man with a sense of humor, too. 

When he was in the hospital to have a little work done on his heart, his surgeon got tired of waiting for the orderly to come and get him and took him to the operating room himself. 

Apparently this occasioned some hiliarity from his team, but I think the hubs got the biggest laugh when he said, “I’m supposed to be in maternity.”

The very first novel I ever wrote, THE SPY WHO KISSED ME, is basically one long joke about how not to become an amateur sleuth. My heroine’s voice was so strong in my head, there were days I wasn’t sure if I were me or her.

It’s written in first person, which is not uncommon for a first book. It saves you from having to deal with the thoughts of those other supporting characters. And you don’t know what you don’t know, so everything is a surprise. Lol

I had a heck of a fun time writing the book and wouldn’t mind getting back into that head space to write a sequel. Right now my head space is crowded with lots of other ideas.

And that is basically my problem. My brain or my Muse likes to wander around in there, kicking over rocks and finding ideas I hadn’t planned on. 

If you’re curious, I will be finished two books in Cyborg Chronicles and I’m hoping to finish two books in the Big Uneasy series. I have a couple of other side projects on my wish list, but trying to stay below Fate’s radar. It loves to put a spanner in my plans. 

What are you looking forward to reading this year?

Perilously yours,


The Spy Who Kissed Me Pauline Baird Jones

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